I’m just a German-American girl, living in a Paleo world…

This is the post excerpt.


Between bier, pretzels and schnitzel, eating like a German can be challenging when you’re trying to eat Paleo.  It’s even more difficult if you eat Paleo because you have an auto-immune disease, like I do (all you fellow Hashimoto’s sufferers, raise your hand).  My quest to eat Paleo and still be true to my roots, and my cravings, starts here and I’ll be posting recipes and tips.  Yes, I do cheat occasionally–it’s all about deciding whether the swelling, joint pain, and intestinal distress is worth the culinary party in my mouth.  But even on special occasions I try to eat clean.  Welcome to this blog and I hope it helps you, whether you have health issues like me, or you just want to feel better about what you eat!



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